Izzy's Scrap Book

Under the spell of the wild jazz fruit, Izzy bounced in and out of the world(s) of many dimensions. He was able to see so many different perspectives of reality, that made sense quantitatively speaking, as not only a possibility but an actuality. Which shines light on a new definition of the current reality: The current reality doesn’t have a moral sense of purpose, Izzy thought to himself. But exists in so much it has no other choice!  Even though he knew trying to express what he had felt was a long shot, he never the less attempted to write it down.

He trusted friend Lou asked him what he meant by “To exist because it had no choice”.  It’s like this Izzy, replied, you know things are, and some things are the way they are because that is what they are. Not because of something else. Take a circle.  A circle is a circle because it is different from a square.  The necessary agent to allow this difference is not causality, viz., another agent, but the phenomenon of space.  Lou knew what Izzy was getting at and was shaken a bit to reply as he knew the subject of Space was a hard one.  It is real? Is it unreal? What is this non existing existing stuff that seems to never end and have no boundaries?

Izzy soon find himself glaring into the cosmos as he wondered about ionization radiation and particle decay and inverse square law propagation.  He soon realized that in his view of the many world(s) theory, each person was existing in a necessary state of unchanging motion.  And what is viewed as motion is a result of particle decay propagation.  Izzy knew this idea was illogical on many levels but there was this tiny 1% quality about the idea that was so concrete and logical that it was resonating in his mind like a great symphony. 

The days lingered on and Izzy would always seem to experience similar 1% notions about his ontology.  Simple things, though perplexing and odd, would strike a chord.  Some more melodic than others.  He would gauge these little spikes of imagination by the overall sensation that would play out on his entire being.  Sometimes the particle decay phenomenon would morph his imagination with historical glyphs and relics reminiscent to Mayan or Aztecan pictures.

Sometimes he knew where to look too, and he relished this sacred knowledge.  

Izzy would not always have time to vacate the harsh reality of the civilian lifestyle and enjoy the company of his imagination.  But he realized something about time that was brutally absolute.  It was not something he had control over.  Though by making sense out it, and understanding it, he could form a sense of co-existing with it.  

Lou would stop by frequently and pop his head in and remind Izzy about day to day events.  The latest soccer tournament, to the latest medical discoveries, or how bad the taxes where.  At any rate, Izzy enjoyed a break from the imagination, or at least that is what he thought it to be.  Izzy sort of realized there was no such thing as a break, but rather shifts in the fundamental ways meaning is played out in his life.  

Some meaning would burst up like a bubble, others would orchestrate out like a marionette show where he could visualize the connecting strings upon each actor and object.  Other times meaning was like a regurgitating system, fueling itself and feeding upon itself. 

Izzy also knew the benefit of keeping things simple and made tremendous effort at doing so.  He accomplished this by devising a reservoir in hs imagination that held a huge amount of crystal clear water.  This symbolized stability and solidity in his life.  In actuality this reservoir was everywhere and occupying every possible space.  Knowing he himself was occupied by this same “stuff” that filled every imaginable place is pretty intense.  This water also fundamentally represented meaning, viz., its different shapes, quantity, and motion.  Everything, so it seemed was fundamentally just water taking different shapes and forming different meanings. 

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